About Prost! Inc.

PROST! Inc. is a not for profit organisation that provides professionally guided exercise training and support to men during Prostate Cancer treatment, so they can optimise their recovery.

It was founded by Men’s Health Physiotherapist Jo Milios five years ago and was the first  community based exercise program in the world

The exercise program is run by a qualified Exercise Physiologist at various gyms and football clubs throughout Western Australia.

Our vision is a world where male health issues are prioritised, recognised, understood and practiced with respect, compassion and encouragement for the benefit of all humanity.

Our Mission

To educate, inspire and support men in their experience with male health concerns, in relation to prostate cancer, chronic pelvic pain and disorders of continence and sexual health. This is achieved through high quality clinical care, continuing research, community outreach, exercise programs and a commitment to serve men in their quest for better health.

What We Do

PROST! Exercise 4 Prostate Cancer program: 

A fully supervised program designed to help men build up their mood, mate-ship & muscle, while preparing or recovering from Prostate Cancer treatment, operates twice each week from two venues. For a small fee, professional care is provided at all times by a specially trained Exercise Physiologist.

For more information, please go to our program page.

PROST! The Coffee Club: 

Feel like a chat with other blokes dealing with Prostate Cancer treatment?

Our PROST! Coffee Club meets every Thursday between 11am – 12.30pm at The Dome, Leederville. Come along ANYTIME! All are WELCOME…partners too!!  For more information:

Email:  info.prost.inc@gmail.com

Phone:  9203 7070 (Men’s Health Headquarters)


May you soon fly high again, Cazaly style! PROST!