About Prost! Inc.


Our vision is a world where male health issues are prioritised, recognised, understood and practiced with respect, compassion and encouragement for the benefit of all humanity.


PROST! Inc. is a not for profit organisation that provides professionally guided exercise training and support to men during Prostate Cancer treatment, to optimise  preparation and recovery.  PROST!  particularly focuses on pelvic floor muscle training to assist continence and erectile function recovery, within every exercise session, in addition whole body resistance and cardiovascular training, Pilates & Yoga .

PROST! inc was founded by Men’s Health Physiotherapist Dr Jo Milios  (PhD) in 2012 and was the first  community based exercise program in the world of its kind in recogniton of the large gaps in services for Men’s Health.

The PROST! exercise program is run by qualified Exercise Physiologists & Physiotherapists  at various gyms and football clubs throughout Western Australia and we are keen to keep on expanding, with any location in the world a possibility! The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) has recently joined forces with PROST! inc to further expand this program in 2021, so look out for it more broadly, across Australia and internationally.


To educate, inspire and support men in their experience with male health concerns, in relation to prostate cancer, chronic pelvic pain and disorders of continence and sexual health. This is achieved through high quality clinical care, continuing research, community outreach, exercise programs and a commitment to serve men in their quest for better health.

PROST! Exercise 4 Prostate Cancer.inc  program: 

PROST! is a fully supervised, evidence-based  exercise program designed to help men build up their mood, mate ship & muscle, whilst preparing or recovering from Prostate Cancer treatment. PROST!  currently offers  6  sessions per week, from two venues,  For a small fee, ( $12/class)  professional care is provided at all times by specially trained Exercise Physiologists and rebates through health funds, or DVA patients plus extended care plans (ECP) are able to be utilised via a Medicare-based funding program available from your GP.


A World 1st in Prostate Cancer & Men’s Health
Due to popular request and the result of COVID-19 limiting face to face exercise, PROST! Exercise 4 Prostate Cancer.inc is proud to announce that we have now created an online resource that any man, health practitioner or support group leader could access, to enable immediate implementation tomorrow!

Our evidenced-based program is now available in USB format and contains a complete exercise program consisting of cardio, resistance, free weights, Pilates and Yoga-based stretching approaches, with detailed manuals of explanation for the every day man, Support group leaders or clinincians.

The PhD of  PROST! founder, Dr Jo Milios is also included in ‘The Clinician’s’ resource which provides published papers exploring the role of pelvic floor muscle training for the resolution of  Urinary Incontinence, Erectile Dysfunction in Prostate Cancer. There are three USB options. See our resources page and online store for more details:

Purchase here. or go to STORE section of our website 

PROST! The Coffee Club:  

Feel like a chat with other blokes dealing with Prostate Cancer treatment? Our PROST! Coffee Club meets every Thursday between 11am – 12.30pm at The Oxford Yard – 196 Oxford St, Leederville. Adjacent to Leederville TAFE. Come along ANYTIME! All are WELCOME…partners too!!

THE PENIS PROJECT PODCAST : A men’s health initiative sponsored by PROST! inc , established in 2020. Go to www.thepenisproject.org to subscribe or simply go to SPOTIFY and type in ‘The Penis Project’. 

For more information:

Email:  info.prost.inc@gmail.com

Phone: Ross Campbell 0407 886 823 (PROST! inc Chair & Group Leader)

Phone:  9203 7070 (Men’s Health Headquarters) or visit Men’s Health Physiotherapy  at : www.menshealthphysiotherapy.com.au